The fish fry protection devices concept

The central idea in this project is to provide inexpensive, simple in construction and simple in deployment devices which could have the same or better impact on fish stock rehabilitation as conventional applications. Instead of concrete, metals, wood or other materials we propose the utilization of synthetic materials and nets. The rectangular nets enable us to construct three dimensional structures which could offer shelter and food for many fish species in juvenile phase of life. When the net or any other object is deployed in the sea, the epiphaunal growth process starts shortly after. Gradually, the naked construction is covered with sea life and a new habitat has been created which offers shelter and a new food web. These are the factors which trigger fish attraction.

If we modify the features of this habitat in order to offer protection to juveniles then we have created an interface between the pelagic phase of the species and the actual settlement. The species which are expected to use such habitats are the non migratory demersal species. If we deploy a series of such devices en sandy or muddy bottoms we help to revitalize such areas.


Three dimensional fish fry protecting devices in a long line construction

The expected impact in all fishery segments is significant but the most benefited sector is the one of small scale fishery. If the design of the devices is such that it enables deployment from a small fishing boat, we could offer the opportunity to the individual fishermen or fisher’s unions to create their own fish protection areas in a kind of co-management of the local fishery.