The ECONET devices

The design of the ECONET devices is the collective result of the work of the team of HCMR and DIOPAS SA. The work of DIOPAS SA was to experiment with different kind of synthetic robes and nets in order to provide a series of net constructions which meet the floatability and durability requirements of the devices.

The HCMR team is working on the structural design of the devices and  the preparation of the  in situ experiments. In the mean time, the University of Crete team is experimenting with the fish behavior and the interaction between fish  and model devices in water tanks.

So far four models of fish fry protecting devices have been designed and the first of them is constructed in real dimensions. The device has been deployed and tested in a large mesocosm tank of the Aqualab of HCMR in Kato Gouves of Heraklion.

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